-WLC X Woodwings / France 2016


Freeriding has always been a core element of WLC and we're stoked to bring you a dedicated freeride event in 2016.
After trip to check out the Woodwings Longboard Camps last year, we're joining forces with this rad crew this summer to bring you the WLC meets Woodwings Edition.
Resident miniramp, two closed freeride tracks, a platform offering plenty of space for freestyle action by day and stargazing by night - we're pulling out all the stops to make sure this event will be one to remember.

As always we welcome all skaters regardless of level or ability;
from complete newbies through to seasoned riders, our offering will be varied and cover a broad range of disciplines as per usual.
So whether you want to get your slide on, learn some longboard dance moves or a few freestyle tricks, or if you'd like to get a taste for speed pointing that deck down the hill - you've come to the right place. Our experienced crew is here to support you in your endeavours no matter where you're at right now.
As always, we’ll take good care of you on and off the track –
we believe that you are what you eat and our nutritious home-cooked food will give you the power you need to skate all day, every day.


Sign up today and join us in Aillon-le-Vieux - vive la France! 




One for the guys - you'd like to take part in this kind of event too?

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