SUPREME EDITION / Portugal 2016


2016 is going to be a very special year for us – we'll be hosting the Women's Longboard Camp for the 5th time and look forward to celebrating this milestone in style. We love discovering new spots and have found the perfect location to mark this special occasion in Sintra.

We can’t wait to explore Portugal by longboard with you!

Whether you’re a complete newbie, would like to practise your first slides, learn how to cross-step or point that board downhill – we’ve got you covered and the location we’ve chosen for this event provides the perfect setting. Beautiful scenery, within earshot of the Atlantic waves crashing against a stunning cliff-lined coast and plenty of peace and quiet to take a time-out from your usual schedule.

As always, we’ll take good care of you on and off the track – we believe that you are what you eat and our nutritious home-cooked food will give you the power you need to skate all day, every day.


Come and join us in Sintra,

we can't wait to rock this event with you!




Can't make it in March?
Why not come join us in France this summer instead?

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